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What is the EUnetHTA ID?

EUnetHTA ID is a unique login and password allowing to access differents tools developed by EUnetHTA.

Which tools may I access with my EUnetHTA ID?

The following EUnetHTA online tools make use of the EUnetHTA ID for the user's authentication:

NB: the EUnetHTA Intranet requires a different login and password, please contact the EUnetHTA Support for more information.

Who can get a EUnetHTA ID?

Each employee of a EUnetHTA partner is eligible for a EUnetHTA ID.

How to get a EUnetHTA ID?

The EUnetHTA partner contact person in the employee organisation needs to send a request to EUnetHTA Support with the following information:

  • Name
  • First name
  • Organisation
  • e-mail address (must be official work e-mail)
  • Work Package or activity to be involved in (if already known)

How do I update my profile?

Download the EUnetHTA ID manager user manual

How long does it take for my updated password to be active?

Your updated password will be active immediately on this website (EUnetHTA ID manager).
For other tools making use of the EUnetHTA ID authentication, please see the FAQ on the respective tools' website.

What to do if I forgot my password?

If you forgot your password, you can make use of the link "Reset your password"

What to do if I forgot my login?

If you forgot your login (you will not be able to make use of the reset password functionality on this website), please send a mail to EUnetHTA Support.